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Metalcraft Announces Promotions, First COO

RFID products, services powering business growth

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Large-Scale Tracking Integration Software That Is a Good Fit for Large Enterprises

In Part 3 of our multi-part series, we take a look at three companies that are experts in their field when large enterprises need to either revamp their computer infrastructure or perform a total makeover.

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Asset Tracking Solutions That Are a Good Fit For Mid-Size Organizations

So you have installed asset and inventory software.

You know where your assets are and you have an analysis of your financial status.

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Case Study: H2O Concepts improves customer experience with long-lasting metal plates

H2O Concepts focuses on providing residential and business owners with top-of-the-line water conditioning and treatment systems.

The company turned to Metalcraft to identify a solution for tagging their water treatment systems.

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Asset Tracking Solutions That Make Sense For Small Organizations

These three companies can help you get your assets under control with their easy-to-use software programs.

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Metalcraft Adds Use of Robotics in Manufacturing Process

Technology is very important to us at Metalcraft, so bringing robotics in frees up our employees to work on other tasks.

Metalcraft has purchased an OMRON TM5-900 robot - a collaborative robot, which means it is designed to work around and with people.  

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Stop Theft In Its Tracks With Tamper Evident Tags

Metalcraft's three tamper-evident labels have the dual purpose of identifying items and deterring tampering and theft.

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