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Austin Elling is the Director of Marketing at Metalcraft. Austin leads the Metalcraft in various marketing avenues including print, search, content and social media marketing.

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Permanent Paint Mask Barcode Labels

Is your company a business that tracks equipment as it moves through the production process? Are you tired of having to reapply a label to your equipment after every paint job?

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Hospital Asset Management

Often times, when we hear from our healthcare customers, they are having issues keeping track of equipment and supplies that are necessary for them to give proper care to their patients.

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Stainless Steel Barcode Asset Tags

At Metalcraft, our customer base spans many industries including, but not limited to, education, parking, healthcare, beverage distribution, food service, manufacturing, construction, retail and transportation.

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Asset Management and Retro-reflectivity Requirement Compliance

On December 21, 2007, the U.S.

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Choosing the Right Asset Tag

If you’ve never purchased an asset tag before, you might be wondering what kind of tag is right for you.

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Keg Tracking: You’ve Got to Track ‘Em Before You Tap ‘Em

With all the beer commercials that regularly glut your television or computer screen, you might suspect that as the beer-keg rolls, so turns the world. That isn’t necessarily the case, of course.

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Aluminum Tags

Popular throughout the second half of the twentieth century for both machine tools and architecture, anodized metal can also be used to transpose photographs onto its surface.

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