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Austin Elling is the Director of Marketing at Metalcraft. Austin leads the Metalcraft in various marketing avenues including print, search, content and social media marketing.

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Metalcraft Tabbed Nameplate

Rule #1 when applying an adhesive-backed nameplate - don't touch the adhesive! Easier said than done when the liner doesn't always want to come off.

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Asset Tag Application Instruction Video

There is always a right way and a wrong way to do things and that includes applying asset tags and labels.  Watch our demonstration video to make sure your tags will adhere and stay put for a very long time.


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Foil Asset Tags

At a recent conference I was at where I gave a presentation on selecting the right tag and technology for an application, I was asked a question: 
"What product should I use if I have multiple types of assets in various types of environments?"
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Durable Asset Tags - Metalcraft Quality Testing

The crash test dummy is an icon of product testing that was especially popularized by public service announcements encouraging passengers to wear their seat belts.

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Quality System ISO9000 Compliance vs. Certification

Metalcraft has the privilege of working with, literally, thousands of customers across all types of industry functions. This includes manufacturers, schools, hospitals, integrators and so on.

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The True Meaning of Asset Tracking

Something as simple as asset tracking can easily be misunderstood by engineers, project managers and purchasing departments in a rush to find a solution for a track and trace, asset tracking, identification or access control

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Barcode Symbologies: 1d barcode vs. 2d barcode

Barcode certainly simplified identifying, tracking, and controlling of assets, equipment and processes beginning in the early 80’s.

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