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Austin Elling is the Director of Marketing at Metalcraft. Austin leads the Metalcraft in various marketing avenues including print, search, content and social media marketing.

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Durable Labels: What You Really, Really Want

Looking for a really, really good label that will stand the test of time. You want a label that does not have to be replaced even when the product to which it is attached has passed out of usefulness. Metalcraft durable labels live up to that expectation in all three areas of its product line: metal, plastic, and RFID.

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When To Use Metal Asset Tags

metal-asset-tag-infographic-thumb_0_0.jpegKnowing when to use the proper asset tag is important for application success.  Differing conditions, exposures, and process may require a higher durability label or tag.  Use the following guide to make a decision on which tag is best for your needs. 

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Metal Nameplates & Foil Asset Tags

Metal tags and nameplates are great for tagging and labeling assets that are exposed to outdoor usage and rough conditions. With metal tags you can be assured the tag will have long wear life and will not deteriorate making information or a bar-codes unreadable over time.

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Label Converters - Making A Label For Your Needs

Modern converting equipment has come a long way in the past few years.  Using the newest technology and equipment, today’s skilled label converters are able to take raw inputs and construct durable, and visually impressive, consumer-ready products. 

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Equipment Labels: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

Most businesses don't know how ineffective they are at managing equipment and other physical assets. It’s hard to say what you have and where it’s located without a system for tracking assets, including equipment labels for each item.

Let’s look at the value of an asset tracking system and the considerations for tagging equipment to maximize your return.

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Tamper Evident Labels: Reliably Secure Your Products

Being able to secure and identify product tampering is important for any company.  Tamper-evident labels expose attempted theft and the unauthorized manipulation of products, equipment and files. Companies and institutions that have the need for security and peace of mind find tamper evident labeling a way achieve both goals.

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Label Converting Services at Metalcraft

Metalcraft leads the converting industry due to its quality of work and investments in state-of-the-art label converting technology.

With our converting methods we are able to design, construct and cut almost any type of label construction to fit your application need.

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