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Austin Elling is the Director of Marketing at Metalcraft. Austin leads the Metalcraft in various marketing avenues including print, search, content and social media marketing.

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5 Funny Asset Tag & Label Memes

Here at Metalcraft, we are all about making ID solutions easy for our customers.  Just like any other workplace, we like to joke around about the things we come across from time-to-time when dealing with asset tags and asset tracking systems.  Below are five memes that we think typify some of the scenarios we hear regularly but come with being in the business.  

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4 Websites That Will Make You A Guru at Barcode Tags

Even though barcodes were an early application of computer technology, users, potential users,and the general public still have questions about the common (and the not so common) barcode. With that in mind, the following websites may help to throw some light on the many aspects of the subject.

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Battery Free Sensor Tags Offer Low Barrier To Sensing Applications

Increasingly, the market demand for RFID sensors is being recognized by businesses in all sectors of our economy. Passive RFID is morphing into a powerful way to communicate sensor information and data.

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3 Tricks for Applying Asset Tags That Stick For Years

Ok, so you have equipment and assets and you don't want to worry about the tags falling or peeling? Lets walk through the 3 Metalcraft tips that will ensure a good bond.

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New Metalcraft Product Catalog

We just released our new product guide which highlights all our great products including the Flex Hard Tag, Univers

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Returnable Asset Tracking - Containers, Pallets & Totes

Returnable containers, pallets, and other mobile assets are vital to a company's inventory management and delivery fulfillment processes.

Whether its plastic, metal or RFID watch the video to see the Metalcraft asset tagging products that help ensure accurate tracking and return of these items.

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Durable Labels: The Superheroes of the Label World

Ever thought of durable asset labels as heroes?

Consider their super strength, their incredibly tough skin, their super-photographic memory, and their invulnerability to freezing temperatures and searing heat.

A description of a superhero? Absolutely.

What is the basic hallmark of a superhero’s existence? Durability when facing the odds. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman plus others meet a challenge and get a job done. And so do super labels: durable labels.

And, really now, how many times could they save you from impending disaster?

Let’s see.

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