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Austin Elling is the Director of Marketing at Metalcraft. Austin leads the Metalcraft in various marketing avenues including print, search, content and social media marketing.

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Metalcraft & SATO Provide Seamless On-Metal Tag Printing, RFID Encoding Solution

SATO America, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, and Metalcraft, a world class leader of durable nameplate, label and RFID products, announced that Metalcraft’s Universal Mini Onsite P

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Personalized Labels: Discovering How Even the Smallest Business Can Enjoy Barcode Convenience

In the past, smaller retail businesses were prohibited from enjoying the convenience and efficiency of personalized labels.

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Tamper Evident Stickers - Improving Safety and Reducing Liability

Perhaps there was a time when businesses could offer sensitive items up for retail sale and rest assured that they would not be tampered with, stolen, or altered; however, that time has long since left our consumer culture.

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Asset & Barcode Labels: Tips for Organizing Data Storage

Barcode labels and asset labels can certainly help when you either manually scan the cartridges, or scan via an electronic system -- But how will you organize your labels?

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Inventory Labels Crucial in Asset Management

Shrinkage...the difference between actual inventory on hand and what it should be according to purchase and sales records.

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4 Overlooked Asset Tracking System Gotchas

There are lots of things that must be thought-out, planned and documented when tagging assets.  With so many successfully implemented projects under our belt, we consistently see 4 things that routinely get overlooked or under-valued when asset tracking systems are implemented. 

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5 Funny Asset Tag & Label Memes

Here at Metalcraft, we are all about making ID solutions easy for our customers.  Just like any other workplace, we like to joke around about the things we come across from time-to-time when dealing with asset tags and asset tracking systems.  Below are five memes that we think typify some of the scenarios we hear regularly but come with being in the business.  

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