Stainless Steel Barcode Asset Tags

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Stainless Steel Barcode Asset Tags

At Metalcraft, our customer base spans many industries including, but not limited to, education, parking, healthcare, beverage distribution, food service, manufacturing, construction, retail and transportation. One of the most important things about our job is recognizing the phrase "not limited to". If we keep in mind that we have an almost unlimited number of markets that are able to use our products, we are then able to create a variety of different products to meet the needs of each customer.

With this, Metalcraft recognizes that there are certain applications that need an extremely durable product which is able to withstand high temperatures and/or tough chemicals. The solution? Our Stainless Steel Barcode Nameplates. These nameplates are perfect for such markets as food service, medical facilities, laboratories or any environment where high temperatures and/or high-chemical cleaning products are used.

Our Stainless Steel Barcode Nameplates are made from a durable, .015" thick, type 304 stainless steel; and in addition to being highly resistant to chemicals, they can also withstand intermittent temperatures of up to 700 degrees F. They are produced using a ceramic frit material that is fused onto the surface of a stainless steel nameplate using the heat of a laser.

The standard adhesive for this product is .005" thick and provides excellent resistance to heat and chemicals just like its stainless steel counterpart. This product is also available with holes for mechanical fasteners for any work-in-process or OEM (original equipment manufacturing) applications.

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