Quality System ISO9000 Compliance vs. Certification

ISO 9000 Certification

Metalcraft has the privilege of working with, literally, thousands of customers across all types of industry functions. This includes manufacturers, schools, hospitals, integrators and so on. With such a broad customer base, we have many requests to see our Quality Certifications and some are specific to certain industries. Metalcraft keeps these requirements in mind as we continually make improvements.

Over the years, we have striven to manufacture our durable nameplates and labels to consistently meet the highest industry standards. To accomplish this, Metalcraft has worked hard to develop robust processes from order entry through shipping to ensure that our quality does not slip. Consistency has remained a focus as a means to that end. These stable processes lend themselves well to documented procedures for a quality system.

Besides production we have paid attention to our customers. We invite feedback from all customers and react quickly when we have opportunities for improvement. Each team tracks their own quality record and sets goals to improve each year.

As our teams improve, our systems also improve. We now have systems that place Metalcraft as nearly compliant with ISO9000 standards, which seems to be the most common system with our customer base. We have had approval of many companies from medical to aerospace industries that are satisfied that we can meet their needs. At some point, we will be fully compliant and will need to make the decision to achieve certification or not. A key factor will be the cost of moving from a fully-functioning system to that of a certified system. That expense would have to be added to our products, and we take those decisions very seriously.

Where our journey will end, only time will tell. Presently, we want to assure all of our customers that meeting their expectations is a core value of Metalcraft. We have put systems together to help us meet that goal, and ISO compliance has been a guide for us.

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