Personalized Labels: Discovering How Even the Smallest Business Can Enjoy Barcode Convenience

In the past, smaller retail businesses were prohibited from enjoying the convenience and efficiency of personalized labels. Instead of being able to quickly and accurately produce a report of both inventory and fixed assets, small business owners either had to devise their own systems or resign themselves to the fact that their inventories may never be completely accurate.

Why were foil labels that included barcode stickers traditionally so out of reach? Usually the reasons were:

  • Cost-prohibitive: The relative high costs of these types of labels meant that businesses with limited operating budgets simply could not afford personalized labels.
  • Complicated barcode software: When this type of technology was first making an entrance onto the general market, the software required to successfully make barcodes work was expensive and time-consuming to learn.
  • Expensive scanner equipment: Much like the high prices of the foil labels and software, scanners used to be bulky and inconvenient. It has only been in the last few years that portable scanners became available; and as technology continues to develop, the prices continue to drop.


Now that custom labels are available to every business, how do smaller businesses begin bar coding their inventory and fixed assets? First, you will need to decide exactly what items you are going to place these foil labels on. Do you have some fixed assets that could use a label in order to make tracking simple, or are you a retailer with inventory that could be scanned for purchase? Usually retailers will require large quantities of labels, which means you should begin looking for the label distributor with the best bulk prices.

Next, you will need to familiarize yourself with the equipment you need to purchase or lease in order to be able to scan the labels. It is likely that businesses that want these labels for fixed assets will decide to opt for portable scanners; while retailers usually use a stationary model. Some label distributors offer to sell or lease these items, along with the companion software, to their customers.

The whole process of ordering barcode foil labels can be confusing if not properly researched; and it can indeed become expensive if you have not chosen an affordable label distributor.Metalcraft is your one-stop shop for all of your personalized labels needs. We have a diverse inventory of labels of all kinds, and we keep a large enough inventory to have just what you need in stock. For businesses who want a truly custom label, we offer a wide selection of unique colors, designs and logos. Small businesses don’t have to miss out on the convenience of bar coding any longer—call us today at 800.437.5283.

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