Metal RFID Tag

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Metal RFID Tag

Metalcraft is proud to announce the release of its new passive RFID product -  the Metal RFID Tag.

A ground-breaking RFID tag thought to be impossible to produce just a few short years ago, the patented Metal RFID Tag introduces a new class of metal-based RFID tags that combine all the great features of metal nameplates with the power of RFID.

RFID Durability & Efficiency

The Metal RFID Tag blends both the physical and print durability of a photo anodized metal nameplate along with the efficiencies and non-line-of-sight reading capabilities of RFID. 

This combination makes it the ideal solution for applications in outdoor environments where weathering, abrasion or UV exposure can weaken other RFID labels or fade vital printed information from the surface of a polymer tag.

Designed with Metalcraft's patented Univeral RFID inlay, the Metal RFID Tag has excellent read ranges across multiple surfaces but excels on metal surface applications with read ranges up to 20 ft. making inventory or asset management more accurate and efficient than text or barcode systems alone.

Metal RFID Tag

With our intensification option, the photo composed black print on the tag is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the asset without distorting or fading, ensuring text and barcodes will be crisp and clear for years.  Also, the tag can be attached with mechanical fasteners or pressure sensitive adhesive giving flexibility to whichever method best fits the application.

Check out the Metal RFID Tag here and reach out to us for a quote or to discuss an application where the Metal RFID Tag would be a good fit for your next project. If you have any questions or would like to talk with us about a project, please email one of our ID specialists or give us a call at 1-800-437-5283. 

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