Metal Nameplates & Foil Asset Tags

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Need an asset tag that can withstand any type of environment?  See our line of metal asset tags and durable foil labels.

Metal Nameplates & Foil Labels

Why Use Metal Nameplates or Foil Labels?

Metal tags and nameplates are great for tagging and labeling assets that are exposed to outdoor usage and rough conditions. With metal tags you can be assured the tag will have long wear life and will not deteriorate making information or a bar-codes unreadable over time.



Standard aluminum tags or foil tags are both great options for durable tags depending upon the application.  Generally speaking asset nameplates are a stiffer more rigid tag that are best suited where the mounting surface is flat. 

A printed foil label is better suited if the mounting surface is curved as it is more flexible and can conform to a rounded edge more easily.

Metalcraft's intensified option is great for nameplates and labels that need a guaranteed lifespan.  Our intensified tags are made from anodized aluminum which we guarantee will last for the lifetime of the asset they are being adhered. 

Our anodized metal tags and labels also fall under our 5 Point Promise which offers additional features of next day order delivery, easy tag replacements, number history archiving.

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