Label Converting Services at Metalcraft

Metalcraft is a custom label converter.  As a label converter we offer a wide array of options and features to our customers that other converters cannot.

Label Converting

Label Converting Technology

Metalcraft leads the converting industry due to its quality of work and investments in state-of-the-art label converting technology.

With our converting methods we are able to design, construct and cut almost any type of label construction to fit your application need.  Investing in more robust and updated technology and converting equipment we are able to guarantee shorter lead times on orders and produce a higher quality product than most competitors.

Our DeltaEdge Laser converting machine allows unique customization and fast turnaround times for our label customers.

The DeltaEdge allows us to not only create strip and roll form labels, but also the ability to create label kits - where different sizes, shapes and designs can be printed on a single roll.  

The DeltaEdge also offers inline inspection to ensure the quality of each individualized label, making label failure and errors almost non-existent. 



RFID Converting

Our RFID converting machine, the Viper, allows Metalcraft to convert custom labels faster and get the product to our customers with shorter lead times.

We can also seamlessly program the RFID tags with data, including variable information, a feature many RFID label converters are unable to achieve. We are also able to provide custom printing on your RFID tags to match programmed information on the RFID chip.  This allows customers to have visibly written information on the label that corresponds with programmed information, a solution many customers need.  This combination of services offers a lot of options and flexibility to our RFID converting process.



Label Converting Using Custom Materials

Many label converters are unwilling or unable to use non-standard materials when constructing a label.  At Metalcraft we pride ourselves at being able to utilize unique materials that are necessary for certain applications.  

Special materials or constructions often come into play for certain tag or label designs.

 Whether it is foams, adhesives or other materials, Metalcraft works with our customers and other suppliers to make the label to the desired specifications. 

Engineering and Automation

Metalcraft's ability to to provide a wide variety of engineering and automation features also sets it apart from other converters. 

Unique label folds, specialty application requirements or unique tag and label designs are challenges we encounter and solve everyday.

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