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Foil Asset Tags

At a recent conference I was at where I gave a presentation on selecting the right tag and technology for an application, I was asked a question: 
"What product should I use if I have multiple types of assets in various types of environments?"

Without qualifying the application any further to see how long they would like to have the tags last or more information about the types of conditions the assets and thereby the tags attached to the assets are going to be exposed to, I suggested that they go with the most durable, yet versatile tag that we offer – our Foil Barcode Labels. These products are versatile enough to be used in the typical office application, yet durable enough to last outside or in a more demanding environment like a manufacturing floor. This question made me realize that this is a more common issue than I may have thought. For example, assets for a university could range from computers to lab equipment and furniture to vehicles. Yes, you could optimize your application and get different tags for different assets depending on what they are going to be exposed to, and many companies do that; or you could go with what is going to survive the most demanding application and get the same tag for all assets. Even if this means it’s a more expensive tag, a higher volume would drive the price per tag down. Plus, the tag would last for a very long time.

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