Asset Tracking Solutions That Make Sense For Small Organizations

These three companies can help you get your assets under control with their easy-to-use software programs.

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Metalcraft Adds Use of Robotics in Manufacturing Process

Technology is very important to us at Metalcraft, so bringing robotics in frees up our employees to work on other tasks.

Metalcraft has purchased an OMRON TM5-900 robot - a collaborative robot, which means it is designed to work around and with people.  

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Stop Theft In Its Tracks With Tamper Evident Tags

Metalcraft's three tamper-evident labels have the dual purpose of identifying items and deterring tampering and theft.

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Prototypes, Pilots and Production Runs ... Metalcraft Does It All

Metalcraft, a leader in the identification products industry, provides property identification solutions to thousands of businesses and industries worldwide.

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Tracking Assets Saves Schools Money

Sophisticated asset management software often shores up a school's tight budget, bolsters student achievement, ensures student well being and, eventually, wins public support.

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Metalcraft Earns ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Metalcraft is pleased to announce we have been awarded an ISO 9001:2015 certificate from Intertek, affirming that Metalcraft adheres to the internationally recognized standard for quality management.

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Working Toward a Tagging Solution

Asset tagging requires thought about the problems causing the need for tagging, the nature of the item to be tagged, the complexity of the tagging, and the permanence of the tag.

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Metalcraft Promotes Wellness At Work

Metalcraft’s employee-led wellness committee has worked since 2004 to provide well-being opportunities at work and at home for their member owners.

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