Metal RFID Tag

A ground-breaking RFID tag thought to be impossible to produce just a few short years ago, the patented Metal RFID Tag introduces a new class of metal-based RFID tags that combine all the great features of metal nameplates with the power of RFID.

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Tracking Assets Saves Schools Money

Sophisticated asset management software often shores up a school's tight budget, bolsters student achievement, ensures student well being and, eventually, wins public support.

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Metalcraft Earns ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Metalcraft is pleased to announce we have been awarded an ISO 9001:2015 certificate from Intertek, affirming that Metalcraft adheres to the internationally recognized standard for quality management.

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Working Toward a Tagging Solution

Asset tagging requires thought about the problems causing the need for tagging, the nature of the item to be tagged, the complexity of the tagging, and the permanence of the tag.

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Metalcraft Promotes Wellness At Work

Metalcraft’s employee-led wellness committee has worked since 2004 to provide well-being opportunities at work and at home for their member owners.

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7 Tips For Deploying a Barcode Asset Tracking System

Barcode asset tracking systems have greatly simplified the way businesses protect and track their investments.

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Ghost Assets Affect Your Bottom Line

For small businessmen to better manage their bottom line, finding and dealing with hidden assets - ghosts and zombies - is important.

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Barcode vs. RFID: What To Consider Before You Choose

Barcode labels and RFID labels are choices enterprises must make to improve efficiency and reduce overhead. Which are most cost-effective and reliable in the long run are decisions not to be taken lightly.

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