Tamper Evident Labels - One Product, Two Applications

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Tamper Evident Labels

Everyone likes a good deal, right? Well what if I told you that you could get an asset tag that would perform not one, but two applications for you? More on that in a second, first I want to quickly review the benefits of having an asset tracking program. Many of you out there are already familiar with the benefits of an asset tracking program, but for anyone who isn't familiar or may need a refresher here are a couple of the big ones.

RFID Tags or Barcode Labels - Which is the Better Asset Tag Solution?

RFID tags or Barcode Labels - Choices and Possibilities

RFID tags or barcode labels? It's the age old question and depending on who you ask and what their relationship is to that particular tracking technology you will probably get a different answer. My answer - it depends. There truly are many different factors which need to be considered when selecting a tracking technology.

UID, UDI, DoD, FDA All in For Asset Labeling

UID Tags Marking Military and Government Equipment

Wow - that's a lot of letters! Believe it or not, they are all related to asset tracking. The first two are mandates/rules for identifying items and the last two are the organizations/governing bodies that are proposing and/or enforcing them. I just returned from the UDI conference last week in Orlando. UDI - which stands for Unique Device Identification - is a new rule being proposed by the FDA. Now this is not to be confused with UID (Unique Item Identification) a mandate set forth by the Department of Defense in 2004.

Asset Tracking & Its Impact on the Economy

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Asset Tracking Economic Ripple

You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about how the economy is affecting one thing or another.

I would like to take a radical glass is half full approach and look at how today’s economy could potentially have a positive impact on something – asset tracking. We all know budgets are tight and a lot of new equipment purchases are being delayed. Isn’t that the perfect time to do an internal inventory of the equipment you already have?

Asset Tagging Labor & The True Cost of Inventory Tracking

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Asset Inventory Tracking
Asset Inventory Tracking

OK, so you're thinking of implementing a fixed asset tracking system. There are so many different things to consider hardware, software, even the asset tags themselves. It might come as a surprise that the one thing companies may take for granted (the actual asset tag) has a huge impact on the bottom line - and not in the way you might think.

Take a look at the following example.

Tagging 10,000 Assets

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