Quality System ISO9000 Compliance vs. Certification

ISO 9000 Certification

Metalcraft has the privilege of working with, literally, thousands of customers across all types of industry functions. This includes manufacturers, schools, hospitals, integrators and so on. With such a broad customer base, we have many requests to see our Quality Certifications and some are specific to certain industries. Metalcraft keeps these requirements in mind as we continually make improvements.

The True Meaning of Asset Tracking

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Mobile Asset Totes and Containers

Something as simple as asset tracking can easily be misunderstood by engineers, project managers and purchasing departments in a rush to find a solution for a track and trace, asset tracking, identification or access control problem.

The term "asset tracking" encompasses all of these fields and more. Traditionally, many companies or project managers viewed asset tracking as part of the accounting department and went around once a year looking for desks, computers and equipment to verify the existence of an item on the inventory list.

Hospital Asset Management

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Often times, when we hear from our healthcare customers, they are having issues keeping track of equipment and supplies that are necessary for them to give proper care to their patients. Things like intravenous pumps, wheel chairs and supply kits go missing at the drop of a hat, forcing employees to use their valuable time to track down what they need. When things go missing, it can also force the hospital to unnecessarily purchase new items, which causes flawed record-keeping.

Stainless Steel Barcode Asset Tags

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Stainless Steel Barcode Asset Tags

At Metalcraft, our customer base spans many industries including, but not limited to, education, parking, healthcare, beverage distribution, food service, manufacturing, construction, retail and transportation. One of the most important things about our job is recognizing the phrase "not limited to". If we keep in mind that we have an almost unlimited number of markets that are able to use our products, we are then able to create a variety of different products to meet the needs of each customer.

Asset Management and Retro-reflectivity Requirement Compliance

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Street Signs Retroreflectivity Tracking

On December 21, 2007, the U.S. Department of Transportation published a final rule explaining the Federal Highway Administrations (FHWA) requirements for maintaining traffic sign retroreflectivity. According to these requirements, which can be found in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), all municipalities must maintain a minimum level of retroreflectivity for all traffic signs and pavement markings which are open to public travel.

Keg Tracking: You’ve Got to Track ‘Em Before You Tap ‘Em

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Tracking Beers Kegs With Asset Tags

With all the beer commercials that regularly glut your television or computer screen, you might suspect that as the beer-keg rolls, so turns the world. That isn’t necessarily the case, of course. Beer sales from major breweries throughout North America remain highly profitable, although there has been little overall growth in consumption. However, what is a remarkable phenomenon over the past decade has been the continued rise of microbrews across America. As things stand, craft beer sales continue to increase by double digits each year.


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