Metalcraft Tabbed Nameplate

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Tabbed Metal Nameplate

Rule #1 when applying an adhesive-backed nameplate - don't touch the adhesive! Easier said than done when the liner doesn't always want to come off. That's what makes Metalcraft's tabbed metal nameplate so indispensable. The innovative tab makes liner removal so much easier, and it also reduces the chance of adhesive contamination, which ultimately makes the adhesive bond better to the applied surface.

Foil Asset Tags

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Foil Asset Tags
At a recent conference I was at where I gave a presentation on selecting the right tag and technology for an application, I was asked a question: 
"What product should I use if I have multiple types of assets in various types of environments?"

Quality System ISO9000 Compliance vs. Certification

ISO 9000 Certification

Metalcraft has the privilege of working with, literally, thousands of customers across all types of industry functions. This includes manufacturers, schools, hospitals, integrators and so on. With such a broad customer base, we have many requests to see our Quality Certifications and some are specific to certain industries. Metalcraft keeps these requirements in mind as we continually make improvements.

The True Meaning of Asset Tracking

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Mobile Asset Totes and Containers

Something as simple as asset tracking can easily be misunderstood by engineers, project managers and purchasing departments in a rush to find a solution for a track and trace, asset tracking, identification or access control problem.

The term "asset tracking" encompasses all of these fields and more. Traditionally, many companies or project managers viewed asset tracking as part of the accounting department and went around once a year looking for desks, computers and equipment to verify the existence of an item on the inventory list.


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