Metalcraft & SATO Provide Seamless On-Metal Tag Printing, RFID Encoding Solution

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Metalcraft RFID Asset Tags Printed on SATO CL4NX

SATO America, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, and Metalcraft, a world class leader of durable nameplate, label and RFID products, announced that Metalcraft’s Universal Mini Onsite Printable RFID tags can be encoded and printed seamlessly on SATO America’s CL4NX™ industrial thermal printers.

Personalized Labels: Discovering How Even the Smallest Business Can Enjoy Barcode Convenience

In the past, smaller retail businesses were prohibited from enjoying the convenience and efficiency of personalized labels. Instead of being able to quickly and accurately produce a report of both inventory and fixed assets, small business owners either had to devise their own systems or resign themselves to the fact that their inventories may never be completely accurate.

Why were foil labels that included barcode stickers traditionally so out of reach? Usually the reasons were:

5 Funny Asset Tag & Label Memes

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Asset Tagging Memes

Here at Metalcraft, we are all about making ID solutions easy for our customers.  Just like any other workplace, we like to joke around about the things we come across from time-to-time when dealing with asset tags and asset tracking systems.  Below are five memes that we think typify some of the scenarios we hear regularly but come with being in the business.  


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