Durable, flexible anodized aluminum covers a variety of applications PRODUCT GALLERY Shown Actual Size 1¾ x ⅝" Black-Type Serialized 2 x ¾" Color-Designed Serialized .003" anodized aluminum, .005" anodized aluminum 5 working days for black type,10 working days for color-designed Popular applications: Mobile assets, schools, hospital equipment, UID, tools, traffic signs, manufacturing, construction companies B E S T S E L L E R ! FOIL BAR CODE LABELS Customer favorite for versatility and durability Durable enough to withstand extreme conditions, yet thin and flex- ible enough to conform to most surfaces. Bar codes, numbers, copy and logos are photographically reproduced for maximum clarity and detail. So versatile, it’s just as effective in an office setting as it is on the production floor. With so many design options and colors, it’s easy to customize a label to meet your exact needs. Available on handy strips. Don’t need a bar code? No problem! Choose the non-bar code op- tion, which features the same durable construction as the bar coded version. 1½ x ¾" Black-Designed Serialized Available as part of our NEXT DAY RUSH PROGRAM 1½ x ¾" Color-Designed Serialized 7