Withstands outdoor conditions, including salt air and sunlight METAL BAR CODE NAMEPLATES A trusted customer favorite Consistently our customers’ first choice for durability and reliability. The anodized aluminum resists abrasion, solvents, sun, salt air and high temperatures. Bar code, numbers, copy and logos are photographically reproduced within the anodic layer of aluminum for maximum protection and readability. Don’t need a bar code? No problem! Photo Anodized Metal Nameplates come in a non-bar code option for virtually limitless applications. And with the same construction as their bar coded counterpart, you can be assured that they will endure tough conditions. Available with pressure- sensitive adhesive or optional holes, plus optional tab feature. THE TOUGHEST NAMEPLATES & LABELS We make our Metal Bar Code Nameplates using a photo imaging process for maximum detail and then seal them within an anodic layer of aluminum to ensure accurate and reliable reads for years to come. You won’t find a tougher nameplate with more custom options anywhere. Our versatile Photo Anodized Foil Labels work as hard on a production floor as they do in an office environment. Thin and flexible, they conform to most surfaces yet are durable enough to resist extreme abrasion, solvents and temperatures. PHYSICAL Environment: Mild, moderate and extreme. Resists extreme abrasions, solvents and temperatures. Nameplates: .008" thick matte anodized aluminum and permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive is standard. Optional adhesives and/or holes available for mechanical fasteners. Labels: .003" thick matte anodized aluminum and pressure sensitive adhesive is standard, with optional adhesives available. TECHNOLOGICAL Available with or without a bar code. No numbers (copy only), serialized/unserialized numbers plus linear and 2D bar codes with human readable numbers. .008" anodized aluminum, 012" for tabbed option 5 working days for black type,10 working days for color-designed Popular applications: Tools, traffic signs, outdoor assets, UID, manufacturing, construction companies, restoration companies, lab equipment, rental equipment, returnable containers & pallets See Metalcraft's Photo Anodized 5-Point Promise on page 19. POINT PROMISE Superior Durability • Next Day Program Easy Replacements • Number History The Metalcraft Guarantee PHOTO ANODIZED Looking for Extreme-Environment Nameplates? SEE OUR PAINT-RESIST AND TEFLON METAL BAR CODE NAMEPLATES ON P. 23 4