No, you’re not seeing double – we can now print registered constant or variable information on both sides of many of our RFID and non RFID Event Management products! Print a registered company logo on the second side or application instructions for the tag itself; you can even print the same variable number or bar code on both sides allowing anyone to see the information from either side of the tag. Parking passes, event passes, and even personnel badges – the possibilities are endless! Contact Metalcraft for more details. Available in: ID SOLUTIONS: DOUBLE-SIDED REGISTERED TAGS •  RFID Hang Tags •  RFID Rearview Mirror Tags •  RFID Credential Tags •  RFID Key Fobs •  RFID Windshield Tags NFC TAGS Our Near Field Communication (NFC Tags) feature an NFC-enabled inlay design to deliver secure two-way data exchange between tag and device at close distances (less than eight inches). When used with an NFC-enabled cell phone, no additional reader is required. Our subsurface digital printing process ensures maximum clarity on even the most complex logos. And four-color processing is available for virtually limitless color and design options. NFC technology can be incorporated into many of our existing product constructions, such as hang tags, wristbands and credential tags. Hanging tag (custom colors available) Production times vary, contact Metalcraft for more information Passive UHF, HF, NFC Standard size: 3 x 5" (custom available) RFID CREDENTIAL TAGS Offering simple yet comprehensive event management, our RFID Credential Tags are produced with a special digital print- ing process that delivers superb image quality (you can also double their impact with our two-sided printing option). But these tags perform even better than they look. Sealed within layers of ultra-durable material, they are built to last. Truly versatile, each tag can be programmed to match the constant or variable information printed on the label. Patent pending 31 TOLL FREE 800.437.5283 or 641.423.9460 IDPLATE.COM Production times vary, contact Metalcraft for more information (custom colors available)