EVENT MANAGEMENT GET A FREE QUOTE AT UNIVERSALRFID.COM Available in adhesive or snap closures RFID WRISTBANDS If you're handling a concert or other event with lines of people waiting to get in, use RFID wristbands to quickly and efficiently manage crowd entry. They feature an RFID inlay to grant access with ease, making them more effective and time saving than traditional ticket systems. Both models offer stunning graphics that make company logos or advertising messages stand out in any crowd thanks to their high quality, full-color resolution. Our popular RFID Snap Closure Wristbands have an ultra-thin profile for maximum wearer comfort, with a secure snap that prevents easy removal. Our RFID Adhesive Closure Wristbands have an adhesive closure that discourages tampering and removal, minimizing potential revenue loss from reuse and pass-along. EASY, ACCURATE EVENT MANAGMENT Control access and track personnel with accuracy and ease using Metalcraft RFID products as the foundation of your event management system. Utilizing both UHF and HF technologies, we’ve developed an entire suite of products to track who or what is coming and going. From allowing access at concerts, measuring traffic volume and flow during trade shows or staying a step ahead of the crowd at other events, our RFID Event Management products combine cutting edge technology with unsurpassed durability and reliability. Choose from one of our standard designs or let us customize a solution for you. PHYSICAL Wristbands sport an RFID inlay to grant access with ease and a secure snap or adhesive closure to prevent easy removal. Credential Tags offer photographic-like image quality of detailed logos or special designs. TECHNOLOGICAL RFID increases the value of the data captured by improving speed and accuracy of data collection and analysis. Adding other variable data, i.e. QR code or Near Field Communication (NFC) allows for another layer of security or even serve another purpose, i.e. advertising. 30 Production times vary, contact Metalcraft for more information (custom colors available) Passive UHF, HF, NFC Standard size: 9¾ x 1"