THE PREDATOR ALLOWS US TO CONSTRUCT, PROGRAM AND VERIFY RFID TAGS ALL IN ONE PASS. WATCH NOW! And check out our Youtube channel! RFID WINDSHIELD TAG Destructible or non-destructible Need a well-designed solution for parking permits, access control or vehicular inventory applications? Made with the same material as our Security Labels, these innovative tags destruct upon removal from a windshield. Strategically placed slits make it virtually impossible to remove in one piece, while the Alien G inlay ensures the same read-range as the non-destructible version. It prevents unwanted tag transfer, curbing attempts to avoid paying for services or gaining unauthorized access. The adhesive layer protects the windshield side printing (double-sided printing is also available). RFID KEY FOBS These RFID Key Fobs are the ideal ID solution for personnel applications where the tag can be secured to a key chain or similar device. For rock-solid reliability and long life, the tag’s construction protects it by sealing it within the layers of durable, permanent materials. Each tag can be programmed to match the variable information printed on the label. PRODUCT GALLERY .003" to .010" polyester Secure to key chain Production times vary, contact Metalcraft for more information Standard size: 2¾" x 1" with 5 ⁄16" ID Hole Passive UHF, HF, NFC .002" polyester or destructible material Pressure-sensitive adhesive Production times vary, contact Metalcraft for more information Standard sizes: 4" x 1", 43 ⁄16" x 1⅛" Passive UHF, HF, NFC Four-Color Serialized Two-Color Back Four-Color Serialized Front Two-Color Serialized Three-Color Serialized 29 TOLL FREE 800.437.5283 or 641.423.9460 IDPLATE.COM