WANT MORE SOLUTIONS? VISIT UNIVERSALRFID.COM TO BROWSE OUR RFID, CUSTOMIZABLE TAGS AND LABELS! Control access with RFID or non-RFID tags Four-Color Serialized Front Back RFID REARVIEW MIRROR HANG TAG Our Rearview Mirror Tag is a great choice for access control in parking lots, gated communities or anywhere vehicles come and go. Incorporating linear or 2D bar code technology for easy, reliable tracking and identification, its content is subsurface printed on thick polyester for durability and rigidity. The tag simply hangs from the rear view mirror, making it ideal for temporary access control. VEHICLE PARKING & ACCESS If you manage a parking facility, gated community or anywhere that requires monitoring vehicle entry, exit or inventory, you know the importance of effective access control. To meet your specific needs, we offer a wide range of ID solutions for both RFID and non-RFID systems. PHYSICAL Durable materials and a design that protects the RFID inlay from environmental conditions that could affect its life and performance. Ideal for mild and moderate environments. TECHNOLOGICAL Use passive UHF RFID technology for longer read ranges both in and on the vehicles while passive HF technology allows for more security by providing a shorter read range. PRODUCT GALLERY .003" polyester Hanging tag Production times vary, contact Metalcraft for more information (custom colors available) Standard sizes: 3½" x 3½", 3½" x 6½" Passive UHF, HF, NFC ACCESS CONTROL 28