Scan hard to reach areas in your warehouse LONG-RANGE BAR CODE LABEL PRODUCTS Identifying your aisles is just as important as identifying your items! RetroReflective vinyl material with a slit liner that makes the label easy to remove and mount to the surface. Long-range labels on hanging placards help your warehouse remain productive with easy-to-read organization. Metalcraft’s placards use our RetroReflective labels for applications that are out of reach of normal scanners. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR INVENTORY Make sure your warehouse functions efficiently and your inventory is maintained and accurately ac- counted for. Our warehouse-specific products are designed to make even the most complex systems run smoothly. Stay on top of everything, from your storage racks to incoming and outgoing shipments. PHYSICAL Durable materials such as aluminum and high-impact polystyrene are standard. Pressure sensitive adhesive is standard with optional holes for mechanical affixing. Great for mild and moderate environments. TECHNOLOGICAL We can match the technology of your identification products to meet your exact warehouse tracking needs. Bar code and numbering options include serialized/un- serialized numbers, linear and 2D bar codes with human readable numbers. Retro-flective vinyl label, high-impact polystyrene placard 15-20 working days production time Popular applications: Warehouse management, inventory, distribution centers NEED HELP? GIVE US A CALL. 800-437-5283 INVENTORY CONTROL 26