Also available with RFID tracking, see page 32. Wraps around cords and cables while bar code retains readability BAR CODE CABLE LABELS Make it easy on yourself with easy-to-mark, easy-to-track Bar Code Cable Labels. Printed items appear on one end with the clear part of the label ready to wrap around the pre-imaged information. Poly- ester or polypropylene construction lets the label conform to a tight radius without unwinding. Our digital subsurface printing gives you optimal clarity and protection against solvents, caustics, acids and mild abrasion while eliminating the need for laminating. INNOVATIVE ASSET TRACKING BAR CODE HANG TAG A removable, reusable solution for a variety of applications, including cold storage, asset control, personnel identification and more. Tag is thick, clear polyester laminated to white polyester for a relatively thin profile that offers excellent rigidity and resistance to bending and tearing. With the open tab, the tag does not need to be permanently affixed to assets, and can be easily attached with plastic strips.  .002" white polypropylene Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive 6 days production time (custom colors available) Popular applications: IT equipment, audio-visual equipment, UID, small tool tracking  . 003" polyester; .018" total product thickness Various mechanical fasteners (i.e. plastic straps) 15 days production time (custom colors available) Popular applications: Manufacturing dies and tools, kegs, warehouse inventory, cold storage, personnel ID, logistics 25 TOLL FREE 800.437.5283 or 641.423.9460 IDPLATE.COM