Double-coated heat resistant finish! .008" anodized aluminum standard with heat-resistant finish Affix with mechanical fasteners Contact Metalcraft for production time Popular applications: Manufacturing, oil and gas industry, HVAC equipment, lab equipment Ceramic – Green (unfired state) Pressure-sensitive adhesive (adhesive is for positioning only) 30-40 days production time Popular applications: Glass equipment, vials for laboratories CERAMIC BAR CODE LABELS An unfired ceramic label that is fused onto the product during the heat treatment process of the production line. When fused onto glass, metal or ceramic, it resists extreme heat and chemicals. HIGH-TEMP METAL BAR CODE NAMEPLATES This rugged nameplate has the features of our Black-Type Metal Bar Code Nameplate with the added benefit of a secondary heat- resistant finishing process. It can withstand temperatures up to a blistering 1200°F. It’s more affordable than our stainless steel products, but it’s still more than capable of taking the heat. 21 TOLL FREE 800.437.5283 or 641.423.9460 IDPLATE.COM