STANDARD AND CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE! CALL 800-437-5283 FOR PRICING! LASER ENGRAVED CERAMIC- ON-STAINLESS STEEL NAMEPLATES These nameplates offer the option of onsite printing using a compat- ible YAG or CO2 laser or they can be preprinted at Metalcraft. Excel- lent durability against high temperatures and chemicals. CERAMIC-ON-STAINLESS STEEL NAMEPLATES Printed using ceramic ink on a thin ceramic layer that is fired and fused to heat-resistant stainless steel substrate. Withstands moderate to harsh chemical conditions and extremely high temperatures. ETCHED & FILLED STAINLESS STEEL NAMEPLATES Stainless steel nameplates are etched and color-filled. Available with logos, stylized type and other designs in your choice of five standard colors. RESIST HIGH-TEMPS AND CHEMICALS For extreme conditions, only the strongest will do. That’s when you enlist Metalcraft’s Stainless Steel Bar Code Nameplates and Ceramic Bar Code Nameplates. These unrelenting products thrive in demanding applications. They’re perfect for permanent identification solutions–ready to withstand high temperatures as well as extreme caustics and acids. Standard and custom sizes available for all extreme condition products on pages 20-21. To find your ideal solution, including pricing and lead times, call your ID Specialist at 800.437.5283 or go to PHYSICAL Made from aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic substrates and available with pressure sensitive adhesives and/or holes for mechanically fastening. A great choice for moderate and extreme environments, resisting abrasion, caustics, acids and solvents. TECHNOLOGICAL Bar code and numbering options include serialized/ unserialized numbers, linear and 2D bar codes with human readable numbers, on-site numbering and copy only. HIGH TEMPERATURE 20