PG NAMEPLATES 4-5 Metal Bar Code 6 QuickTab Tag Dispenser 15 “AUTOGRAPHS” Color-Designed 15 Embossed Nameplates 16 Blank Aluminum 16 Blank Stainless Steel 18 Accessories 18 Marking/Indenting Equipment BRAWN PHYSICAL We've designed our premium ID solutions to work for you under the toughest conditions. Whether it's abrasion, caustics, solvents, heat - no matter what the environment, mild to extreme, Metalcraft products will rise to the challenge and get the job done right. BRAINS TECHNOLOGICAL We will diagnose your unique ID needs to ensure that you identify, track and control accurately. Our qualification process ensures that we will find the right technology for your application. No one else has the array of solutions that we do, so we can truly give you the best fit. We are always ready to take on and solve the toughest ID problems. METALCRAFT ID PRODUCT GUIDE WELCOME TO METALCRAFT You take your ID needs seriously. So do we. Our products combine innovative technology with rugged design to deliver smooth, reliable performance in a wide range of applications. 18 Ordering Information 19 5 Point Promise 20 Ceramic-on-Stainless Steel 20  Laser Engraved Ceramic-on-Stainless Steel 21 Etched and Filled Stainless Steel 21 High-Temp Metal Bar Code 23 Paint-Resist Metal Bar Code 23 Teflon® on Metal Bar Code 27 Pallet Bar Code PG LABELS & TAGS 6 Foil Bar Code Roll 7 Foil Bar Code 8 Label Kits 9 ID Advantage 9 “PREMIUM POLY” 10 Premium “STYLEMARK” 11 “CRAFTMARK” 12 Two-Part Bar Code 12 “VALUMARK” 2 TOLL FREE 800.437.5283 or 641.423.9460 IDPLATE.COM