NEXT DAY UID SERVICE Order your UID nameplates and labels today and we’ll ship them tomorrow at no additional charge! Your time is critical when shipping parts that require a UID tag. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice tag quality for quicker service – you can have both! No, this isn’t a typical off-the-shelf UID product. Every order is still customized to your specifications including either construct option, formal options and/or custom lay- outs. Need your UID nameplates shipped tomorrow? Call 800.437.5283 today! UID REPLACEMENT PROGRAM We understand that mistakes can happen – tags get lost or accidentally placed on the wrong equipment. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for an entire order to get the one or two tags you need to replace. For these reasons, we offer a UID Replacement Program for your photo anodized UID products. Contact a Metalcraft UID Specialist at 800.437.5283 for more information. AVAILABLE ON THESE PRODUCTS • UID Heat Seal Labels • UID Bar Code Cable Labels • UID Ceramic-on-Stainless Steel Nameplates • Teflon® Coated UID Nameplates • UID Photo Anodized Metal Bar Code Nameplates and Foil Bar Code Labels • UID “CRAFTMARK” Polyester Bar Code Labels • Laser Engraved UID Nameplates Photographically reproduced bar codes and copy ensure long-lasting readability (Metal and Foil only). Two-dimensional DataMatrix bar code identifies manufacturer, part number (optional) and serial number. Options may include copy, human-readable numbers and linear bar codes. 17 YOUR UID COMPLIANCE PARTNER PRODUCT GALLERY Shown Actual Size 2 x ⅝" with Tab Serialized 2 x 1" Serialized 2 x 1" Serialized ID SOLUTIONS: UID COMPLIANCE UID is a simple concept that can be complex to implement. Our verification reports can help simplify this process and improve your overall asset visibility! Metalcraft UID Specialists can help you achieve full compliance today - call now!. 17